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Welcome to ASOP

What is it that makes a poet, you may ask?
Quite simply, if you consider yourself a poet ... then in all probability you are!

Many people, wittingly or unwittingly are poets in their own right, but the mere thought of criticism sends them scattering back into the "closet" and consequently untold reams of poignant stories remain domiciled in drawers gathering dust … lost for all time.

Poetry in its truest form is the most natural form of self-expression. Our intention at ASOP is to encourage everyone to express him or herself, by removing all the traditional barriers.

Poetry has existed since the dawn of civilisation, from primitive Stone Age societies that used symbols and pictures to express themselves, to modern day sophisticated cultures that find a multitude of ways to express themselves. Somewhere in-between this literary evolution you will find your unique form of expression.

Let your heart rule, dispense with formalities, grammar and such … they are but minor players. The only boundaries that exist are confined by the limits of your imagination.

The Australian Society of Poets (ASOP) is here to encourage everyone to make a contribution; from junior poets, amateurs and scholars, to academics.

To achieve this goal we encourage everyone from all corners of the globe to list their personal poetry ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

You may also like to consider some of our current services that may be of interest:

* In addition to listing of your poetry, FREE … you can automatically enter the poetry contest, again, absolutely FREE.

* Send the poem for the day to your friends.

* Choose from a selection of poems from our database and send a greeting online to your friends or someone special

* A special section has been set-aside for junior-emerging poets to list their poetry … FREE.

* In addition to the listing of poetry, you can also avail yourself in the section called ASOP’S FABLES. This section has been set aside for the specific use for the listing of short stories or essays, again … FREE

* If you currently do not have a HOME PAGE, we invite you to create your own unique HOME PAGE through ASOP.

Most of all, we invite you to join us in our growth and development of ASOP. The introduction of this site was created primarily through the universal appreciation of poetry.

So regardless if this is your first venture as a poet, or an established author, we are glad you have decided to join us.